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A Quilt and Its Many Connections

Research often leads you in directions you never considered. In preparation for the new history exhibit (opening July 1), we began researching the quilts in the museum’s collection.

One of these, an unfinished quilt top in the Pine Burr pattern, was intriguing because it is a friendship quilt made by at least twelve women whose names or initials are on the quilt top. We wanted to learn something about the women who made the quilt top. I started with the genealogy of the donors—the Stanger-Silvers family who donated the quilt and other items in 1988.


Appalachian Heritage Quilts exhibit opens at Museum of the Middle Appalachians

There are 118 quilts featured in this exhibit. The assortment includes old and new, simple and intricate. The oldest quilt has the date of 1826 stitched in it and the newest quilt was completed in March of 2014. The son of this quilter brought his mother and his wife in to view the hanging of this just completed piece. This quilt, titled “Par Jello”, has 26 shades of yellow, orange, red, and green in waves of colors.


They would put up a quilt

“The ladies would cook dinner, and maybe five or six of them would quilt. They would put up a quilt. I can’t remember doing any of that, but I’ve heard, you know, my family talk about it, and then, maybe, they’d eat lunch and then a lot of them would stay for supper, and maybe […]

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