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Salt thus manufactured is of the purest quality, white and beautiful as the driven snow

Though few Civil War battles were fought there, Southwestern Virginia was critically important to the Confederacy. One reason was the salt works in Saltville, which provided the Confederacy’s main source of salt, used as a preservative for army rations. Two battles took place in an effort to control the works. In the first, on October […]


Many stories of witchcraft were circulated and believed

There was a notable character, a Mrs. Henagar, who had the reputation of being a witch. Her upper eye-lids were paralyzed and drooped over her eyes, giving her the appearance of being blind. Whenever she read her Bible she was obliged to stoop over it and hold the lids up with her hands. Then her […]


Appalachian Heritage Quilts exhibit opens at Museum of the Middle Appalachians

There are 118 quilts featured in this exhibit. The assortment includes old and new, simple and intricate. The oldest quilt has the date of 1826 stitched in it and the newest quilt was completed in March of 2014. The son of this quilter brought his mother and his wife in to view the hanging of this just completed piece. This quilt, titled “Par Jello”, has 26 shades of yellow, orange, red, and green in waves of colors.


The ingredients so happily blended in this water

1887 ad for Thompson’s Bromine-Arsenic Springs Water — Thompson’s Bromine-Arsenic Springs Water is offered to the public as a gift of nature for the alleviation and cure of many of the ills to which the human family is subject. Wherever it is known it has the unqualified approval of physicians in the treatment of impurities […]

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