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He placed the tiny baby in a cigar box and walked to the Godfreys

“Mother was born April 4, 1919, Zelma Zane Bennett. She was all of two pounds and fit very nicely into a cigar box. She was the daughter of Fred and Mollie (Perry) Bennett who lived in Curtin, WV. Fred was a fireman on the logging train that ran through the mountain community. “The Flu outbreak […]


Can you imagine how it felt to be full of milk and have no child to suckle?

Please welcome guest blogger Arlynda Lee Boyer. She grew up in Hillsville, VA and received her BA in history from New College of Florida. Her new book “Buddha and the Bud Car: The Spiritual Wisdom of NASCAR” will release November 2009. I find it very interesting that the list you cite in “125 reasons you’ll […]

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