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Elder Rucker and the Ghosts

Next it was Elder Jeter’s turn to try. Elder Jeter was a man who could sing. He could out-sing the famous George Beverly Shea. It was said that when Elder Jeter sang even the Angels in the Heavenly Choir took notice. Elder Jeter folded his hands in a prayerful grip and closed his eyes and began to sing. He sang, “Blessed Assurance,” … He sang “Nearer My God to Thee,” … He sang “Leaning On the Everlasting Arms.” While in the bliss of his sweet songs he began to hear the swelling of a chorus behind him. He opened his eyes and beheld in the air … scores of ghosts in purple and black choir robes who had come to join in singing with him! He began to tremble as he sat back down … defeated!


Preserving the Appalachian Way

The following article by Adam Booth appears in the fall/winter 2012 issue of ‘think,’ the alumni magazine of Case Western Reserve University. Booth is a multiple award winning West Virginian storyteller, musician and Champion Liar. He travels the country weaving tall tales and spreading this traditional Appalachian art to new audiences. Reprinted with permission.   […]


Scripts and Scrip

Reliving coal’s history to educate, entertain a community This article by Lisa Shrewsberry ran January 18, 2012 in the The Register-Herald of Beckley, WV. It is reprinted here with permission. Call her a living historian. The artistic meshing of rich heritage and exquisite hardship defining Appalachian culture is what coal miner’s daughter, granddaughter and great-granddaughter […]


Stories of Appalachia and its people

Please welcome guest writer Lisa King.  King was born and educated in Southwest Virginia, traveled with her job all over America in her twenties and early thirties, then came back to the mountains to raise her daughter.  ”I’ve been employed as everything from a quality control technician in industrial construction, to a mail processing plant […]


Review: Beyond the Grave, Ghost Stories & Ballads from the Mountains

“Beyond The Grave: Ghost Stories and Ballads from the Mountains” Susanna “Granny Sue” HolsteinAudio CD Appalachian storytelling isn’t a theatrical performance with sets and costumes and lighting and accents, though a good storyteller can conjure all those things in the mind of the listener. And it’s not a recitation of history, with famous battles, treaties, […]

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