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She said "What’s that cat doing?"

The last house we lived in before we left West Virginia was built in January out of green hemlock: two little rooms. The front door was a barn door. It was made out of green lumber. They put up two corner boards here and two over there and two over there and the roof was […]


Christmas reunion

Our Christmas reunion, always in the past Was something in our hearts so dear A link in the chain will be missing this year Our sorrow will be hard to bear The family will gather at home as before For that’s what you’d want us to do Our Christmas reunion, this year will be sad […]


Cut down the damn tree and give it to the Horners!

I’m a hillbilly from way back, a hillbilly from West by God Virginia. My branch of the Horners had gone West after the Revolution and they settled in western Virginia. They lived in this little town called Lumberport. There were so many of the Horners out there that they tell a story about one Christmas […]


She got that coat

Down in West Virginia, we decorated the tree with candles. We had an old jack pine. Up here, people wouldn’t even think about having one in their yard. But that was the only evergreen we had there. They had cedars, but they weren’t good for Christmas trees. We had to go two miles or so […]


Feeding the kitty

The day was bright and beautiful as the train left town, but as it climbed the mountain and entered the tall timber, shadows fell over the snow-covered ground to make it appear almost blue. The air was still, with only the chug, chug of the engine and clatter of the wheels to be heard. Deeper […]

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