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Don’t call me Billy Boy, either!

The term “Hill-Billies” is first encountered in documents from 17th century Ireland, according to Wikipedia. Roman Catholic King James II landed at Kinsale in Ireland in 1689 and began to raise a Catholic army in an attempt to regain the British throne. Protestant King William III, Prince of Orange, led an English counter force into […]


Mom & Pop meet the Supermarket

While independent food stores were still common during the Depression era, the chain store boom of the 1920s had already changed the face of retail forever. The Great Atlantic & Pacific (A&P) food store chain led the pack. In 1936 it opened the first “supermarket,” a 28,125 sq ft store in Braddock, PA. By the […]


America’s Oldest Folk Instrument

“The Mountain dulcimer, also known as the Appalachian dulcimer, lap dulcimer, or fretted dulcimer, is basically a fretted zither which was derived from the German shieltholt. “The word dulcimer is believed to have originated centuries ago. It was derived, it is thought, from the greek word “dulce” (which means sweet) and the Latin word “melos” […]


Physicians simply cannot make a living in these sections

“Physicians simply cannot make a living in these sections because the livelihood of the individual home maker is so meager and the dispersion of population so great and the ability to go from one home to another so runabout and tedious of accomplishment that a livelihood from the practice of medicine here is a physical […]


Field mice tracks like delicate lace woven across the snow

“In winter I sometimes went out early and walked the fields of our farm alone. I liked to go on mornings of fresh snowfall, when all the meadows were trackless and hushed with white. I would walk up through Captain Jim’s old orchard and when I got near the moss-gray trees along the rail fence, […]

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