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Box after box of penny candy that we loved to buy

“The Tomahawk Store was a very important center for the village. E. Trone and Maude Hedges lived there and ran the store when I was a child. It was a true general store as they sold many of the food items that couldn’t be home grown, along with sewing notions, nails, candy, soda pop and […]


Carolina Sunshine Girl

Moon moon I can see you smilin’ lowYou made me think of a sweetheartA little girl that I loved soAfter I’ve wondered the whole night throughWonderin’ if you think of meWhile I’m on my lonesome thinkin’ of someoneI’m thinkin’ only of you My Carolina sunshine girlYou have turned my heart to stoneMy Carolina sunshine GirlYou […]


America’s most famous soldier comes under fire

When Sergeant Alvin C. York returned to America in 1919 as the best-known hero of the World War, he decided to devote his attention to improving education in his native rural Tennessee. But by 1933 the state Department of Education was investigating charges that York was guilty of incompetence, negligence, nepotism, and bringing in outsiders. […]


"I can guarantee there wasn’t a deer in Ohio, not a single deer"

“I was covering that story, a big story then, big story. And the headline: “US to buy more than one million acres of land for forests.” “And then the story went on to say that their actual goal was a million, two hundred thousands acres which would eventually become forest in southeastern Ohio. I covered […]


Moonshine and NASCAR

Before there was NASCAR (National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing), there were ‘moonrunners.’ A guy with a souped up car with a 200-gallon moonshine tank, driving his coupe at breakneck speeds through the twisty mountain roads to deliver the ‘shine. Usually at night, and usually with police or revenuers waiting for him. Evading the […]

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