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"Poverty pays unless you’re poor" -Don West

Home-Coming (1946) And I’ve come back to you,Mountain Earth–Come to laughAnd sorrowAnd sing– To dig my songs upFrom your soilAnd spin a melodyOf corn blades,Top-fodder,Crab-grass,And a clean-plowed furrow. I’ve come to sing and grope–With a people who knowDeep songs,Who stumble upA long crooked road…. I’ve come becauseYour great silent agonyEchoed everywhere And the weary foot-stepsOf […]


The Legend of Uktena

“Long ago — hilahiyu jigesv — when the Sun became angry at the people on earth and sent a sickness to destroy them, the Little Men changed a man into a monster snake, which they called Uktena, “The Keen-Eyed,” and sent him to kill her (the Sun). He failed to do the work, and the […]


US of Appalachia in paperback

The United States of Appalachia is now in paperback! “Biggers has fashioned a masterpiece of popular history.”–Citizen-Times, North Carolina “Jeff Biggers opens a new window on the complex history of the region called Appalachia. He takes a hard but affectionate look at both the myths and the facts, and what he finds is by turns […]


That looked like a BIG possum!

“There’s a big old . . . there’s a big old boar possum come in here. I . . . I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t know what it was. And it come in here and in four days, I believe, three or four days, he killed . . . in my chickenhouse out there […]


The death of Molly Vaughn

Molly Vaunder went a walking, when a shower came on;She went under a birch tree the shower to shun.Jimmie Randells was a hunting, a hunting in the dark.He shot at his true love and he missed not his mark. He picked up his gun, to his uncle did runSaying, “Uncle, dearest uncle, I have killed […]

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