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The miller would rub it between his fingers

“This was last used in 1942. It’s one of the mills that supplied part of the valley in here. “The original mill didn’t belong to my grandfather. It belonged to a family of Matthews that owned this property at that time. The Matthews were . . . I’m sure you’ve heard of the old Federal […]


“Plenty of people can read music, but can’t really make music”

SALLY GOODIN’ Love her, love Sally Goodin’Love her, sweet thing Sally Goodin’ A big piece of pie, a big piece of puddin’Give it all away, to hug Sally Goodin’ Looked on the hill, seen Sally runnin’Yes my my, sweet thing Sally comin’ Up and down the road , the road all muddyTo hug Sally Goodin, […]


‘Daniel Boone’ opens at the Palace

NY TIMES (Oct 24, 1936): “Further evidence of Hollywood’s knack of distorting historical characters into stock figures of blood-and-thunder fiction is presented at the Palace in “Daniel Boone,” which purports to be a reasonably accurate chronicle of the frontiersman’s trek with a party of settlers from Yadkin, N. C., across the trackless Cumberland Mountains up […]


He lubricated the grass in front of me with real tobacco juice

“I was born on the Virginia Polytech Institute campus in October 1903, the son of Dr. Ellison Adger Smyth, Jr. of Charleston, South Carolina who came here with Dr. McBryde to found the Biology Department in 1891. “Mama, my mother, being from Charleston, did not feel that the house was really established unless there was […]


One click online historical research

Ever wish you could access all the libraries and archives you need for your historical research efforts from just one link? I know I have in the course of writing for the Appalachian History blog. Online Education Database, of Chicago, seems to have sensed this need. I got an email the other day from the […]

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