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A Day in the Life of Beckley

Dr. and Mrs. W. B. Lilly and family of Mercer Street have returned to their home after vacationing in Florida. Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Eanes of Sophia had as Sunday dinner guests, her mother and brother, Mrs. A. B. Hill and Harry, of Princeton, and Hill’s daughter. Sharon, all of Princeton. Mr. and Mrs. […]


Too young to care

A.S. Hinds Company of Portland, ME distributed its Honey and Almond cream nationally from 1890 till 1930. This 1928 ad, from Ladies Home Journal, reads in part: “Chapped, bleeding knuckles, roughened cheeks, cracked lips – protect your children from them. For chapping damages the delicate texture of children’s skins. But you can prevent this happening […]


Albert J Ewing, photographer

Albert J. Ewing was a traveling photographer who worked on a floating studio aboard the Water Queen showboat that cruised the Ohio River. Way’s Packet Directory, 1848 – 1994 indicates that the Water Queen operated from 1880-1915. Ewing, who lived in the town of Lowell, Washington County, OH, photographed thousands of residents of southern Ohio […]


Gandy Dancers

Before railroad work was completely mechanized in the 1950s, railroad calls were an everyday part of the track worker’s ritual. Most of these gandy dancers—the label applied to railway line workers who maintained railroad tracks and kept the rails straight—were African Americans who adapted the work call to railroad work. The term is said to […]

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