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Tell me that riddle or I’ll smash yer nose!

These riddles, collected in the North Carolina mountains, belong to a familiar pattern, the seemingly obscene question with an innocuous reply. Texts from Ralph S. Boggs, “North Carolina White Folktales and Riddles,” Journal of American Folklore, XLVII (1934), pp. 320-21. The ole man shook it an’ shook it; The old woman pulled up her dress […]


Let it snow, let it snow!

[Eastern Kentucky, 1920s] Caption reads: Two boys, wearing knit caps and short pants with long socks, and a little girl, wearing a fur coat, play with a dog and a sled in the snow. Caption reads: Children Building a Snow Fort at Arthurdale, W. Va. Snow Battle at Virginia Tech, Blacksburg VA, winter 1932-33. Caption […]


Time for a skate!

Ice skaters glide on the frozen Jackson River at Covington [VA] in 1897 No wonder these skaters look so carefree! The 1890’s brought economic boom to Covington, VA. Population jumped from 704 in 1890 to 2,950 at the turn of the century. The railroad ran fourteen passenger trains daily through Covington and the city was […]

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