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Not murdered….but turned boy

Mountain Echo Hyden, KY. Jan. 18. 1897 NOT MURDERED……BUT TURNED BOY! The mystery of the disappearance of Miss Polly Feltner has been cleared up. She was found on the head of a creek called Leatherwood in Perry County, forty miles from here. She became angry at her parents because they refused to send her to […]


Radford Univ considers eliminating Appalachian Studies

An open letter to the readers of the Appalachian History blog, from Cynthia Fife Coughlin, a student at Radford University: I began reading the mission of Radford University as included in RU’s 7-17 Strategic Plan after my major, Anthropology, was eliminated from Radford’s curriculum two days into the semester. It reads, “The vision and mission […]


In a small community like this you helped other people

I’ve got a ’40 John Deere, and I’ve got the biggest part of equipment for it, and it’s . . . it’s up there in the barn. It’ll still run. And we . . . we worked around here and worked for other people and, you know, in a small community like this, you . […]


WV women win right to vote

On March 10, 1920, the West Virginia Legislature passed a joint resolution ratifying the 19th amendment to the U.S. Constitution giving women the right to vote. The original constitution of Virginia allowed only white men who owned property to vote. The property qualification was dropped in the revised 1850 constitution. When West Virginia joined the […]


The Kraft Pulp Mill Construction

Report on Construction Products Plant, Mar 6, 1920 West Virginia Pulp and Paper Company Covington Va “Herewith picture taken 3:15 p.m. 3-4-20 of construction grounds taken from a point lower down on the sand cliff as the one taken 1:30 p.m. 2-26-20. “You can notice hardly any difference in it from last week’s picture. This […]

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