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It’s my skin! It’s my skin, Mr. Rickey!

In the summer of 1945, one white executive quietly, secretly, plotted an assault on baseball’s systematic practice of racial discrimination. This executive had a conscience. He knew that it was wrong to bar a man from organized baseball simply because of his race or color. He was courageous. He wasn’t afraid to buck the establishment. […]


Book Review: ‘The Cranberry Wilderness Story’

Luther D. Baker’s recently published “The Cranberry Wilderness Story” (Little Beechy Creations; Canvas, WV; 368 pages) accomplishes two things. First, it introduces the impressive timber industry documentary photography of John Finley Taylor (1887-1976). Second, the book places Taylor’s body of work in a broader historical context — that of how the parcel of land we know today as the Cranberry Wilderness has been shaped over the millennia, first by God and then by man.


Somewhere among the mementos of my youth is a silk hat mark, Part 2 of 2

We spent Sunday night before the case opened in studying it, and then Ewing said to me : “Well, you have this case remarkably well in hand. This is the greatest opportunity of your life. You must conduct the proceedings on our side. You examine the witnesses, argue points as best you can. Gradually unlimber […]

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