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The Good Doctor Walker

Originally posted at Hillbilly Savants by Eric Drummond Smith The Route of the 1750 Expedition of Dr. Thomas Walker(Image from the The National Park Service) I want to introduce another explorer from the age before America was America and before (all) the eastern native American peoples had been driven from their homelands. I first heard […]


Barns of our past, still in the present

Originally posted at Hillbilly Savants by Byron Like old dinosaurs lurking in the background, these dilapidated buildings of our ancestors sit in various states of disarray throughout all of Appalachia. Some still being used, small repairs visible, keeping out the rain. My grandfather would question any man’s worthiness that didn’t own a barn. Many a […]


Appalachia’s Sunken City

Originally posted at Hillbilly Savants by Mike Mason In 1939, the Hydro-Electric boom in the Appalachian Mountains was reaching it’s peak. Rural hollers (a steep valley, for our non-resident readers) throughout the region were being flooded to bring modern technologies, jobs and, ironically, flood control to the Southern Appalachians. I’ll leave the debate for whether […]


Gone Fishin’

I’ll be on vacation June 25 – June 29. While I’m away please welcome guest blogger Eric Drummond Smith, of Hillbilly Savants. He’ll be serving up some tasty posts for your consideration! Tweet Send to Kindle


“I could eat soup even it was made over a lizard”

“I’ve been all over Europe, Stirrup, Asia, Africa and parts of Hell, but Braxton County is the best God damned state in the university.” (said after he returned from the longest trip of his life, to the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair). “Bread is potato’s mother.” “I could eat soup even it was made over a […]

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