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True to my love, my love’s been true to me

Please welcome guest blogger Kevin Bannister. Kevin was born in Pike County, Kentucky in 1958 and raised in Mingo County, West Virginia till he was 18. These days he runs Liberty Graphix, a graphic design studio in Atlanta. His favorite quote? “I started with nothing and have most of it left.” Granny—that’s what we called […]


Tennessee murder tale

I heared my brother-in-law tell a tale about his, about a man a-drivin’ mules and horses to South Carolina. He come to a place and called to stay all night, and this, he got to stay all night there. And in the, in the night when he went to bed, why, they was a man […]


The Blood Verse

Please welcome guest blogger Timothy W. Hooker, author of the Sushi Tuesday blog. Tim teaches English at Cleveland State Community College [TN], is a “Point of View” moderator for WDEF-TV 12, and is the author of several works, including: “Rocket Man: A Rhapsody of Short Stories,” “Duncan Hambeth: Furniture King of the South,” and “Looking […]


The Sistersville Ferry

The Sistersville Ferry is the longest continuously working mode of transportation in Monroe County, OH, operating since 1815. It crosses the Ohio River between Fly, Ohio, and Sistersville, West Virginia, which is the apex of the longest straight stretch on the Ohio River. This section of the river is called the “Long Reach,” which runs […]

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