The Blood Verse

Posted by | March 7, 2008

Please welcome guest blogger Timothy W. Hooker, author of the Sushi Tuesday blog. Tim teaches English at Cleveland State Community College [TN], is a “Point of View” moderator for WDEF-TV 12, and is the author of several works, including: “Rocket Man: A Rhapsody of Short Stories,” “Duncan Hambeth: Furniture King of the South,” and “Looking For A City.”

I don’t pretend to know how or why it works; I just know it does.

Among the Appalachian people, it’s known as the Blood Verse and it is probably the most controversial aspect of hillbilly witchcraft. I don’t feel comfortable calling it a spell. But, it is something my analytical, scientific, humanistic mind can’t rationalize away.

Simply put, the Blood Verse stops hemorrhaging on sentient beings when nothing else will. And, by sentient, I mean it will work on animals just as quickly and effectively as it will on humans. I’ve seen others use it. I’ve used it myself.

And, up until now, I’ve been very hesitant to talk about it.

But, here we go.

The Blood Verse is found in the Book of Ezekiel, Chapter 16, Verse 6. It

“And when I passed by thee, and saw thee polluted in thine own blood, I said
unto thee when thou wast in thy blood, Live; yea, I said unto thee when thou
wast in thy blood, Live.”

Ezekiel Prophesying by Gustave DoréNot just anybody can use it. It has to be handed down from male to female to male to female, by someone who already uses it. My mother handed it down to me.

If a sentient being is bleeding uncontrollably, the practitioner can say the verse aloud three times and then say the complete name of the person who is bleeding, and the bleeding will stop.

It’s that simple.

The practitioner does not have to have rock-solid faith. The practitioner doesn’t have to be sinless. The power of the Blood Verse overrides any deficiencies in the practitioner.

I’ve seen my mother use the Blood Verse on cattle that have been de-horned. I’ve used it on people who were recovering from dental surgery. And, it’s always worked. Immediately. Conclusively. No questions asked.

I even used it on my father, when his brain stem hemorrhaged. By that time, the damage was done; he was already brain-dead. But later, the doctors, not knowing what I’d done, reported that the bleeding stopped, believe it or not, at the same time I used the Blood Verse.

I don’t expect anyone reading this to believe me; feel free to think I’m nuts. I’ve got a wall full of academic degrees that say I excel at critical thinking skills; I’m not supposed to believe in things I can’t measure in a test-tube. But, I know the Blood Verse works.

And, as Charlie Daniels would say, “There are some things in this world you just can’t explain.”


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  • Kimberlee Ketterman Edgar says:

    Dear Dave, I read your article here on bloodstoppers. This ability has been handed down through my family for hundreds of years. Both of my greatgrandmother possesed the ability. I also have the ability and can also cure burns by blowing on them. yes, it is hard to talk to people about this because they think you are crazy or they don’t believe you anyway. My family acknowledges that our ability exists but they don’t like to talk about it. I would like to hear back from you on this matter because there’s not alot of people I can to talk to about it. Some of my family members are even afraid of me, isn’t that sad? Kim.

  • margaret says:

    Kim, You and I corresponded for a short while a number of years ago about a possible link in our heritage. I’d enjoy hearing from you again to pursue this possibility. For instance, is your Ketterman grandmother a relative to me in any way?

    I was given your name by the woman who, at the time, was the manager of the Big Bend Campground in West Virginia.

    Hope to hear back from you.


  • Amber Moss says:

    Hey, I am really interested in speaking with all of you above on this subject (writer of the post, & the two who commented on the article). These gifts also run in my family and it would be really really nice to talk to others about this kind of thing that won’t think I am crazy. I know this post is really old, but I hope you will still be able to see this and contact me. I look forward to hearing from you. -Amber

  • Joy Wood says:

    This has been passed down for many generations in our SC/NC families on both sides. I use it weekly. Also many are afraid of me and when I lay hands on feel “heat” from hands. Also the dreams of people shortly before they die. No one wants to hear of my dreams any more. The dreams started at 10. My brother also has these dreams.

  • Michelle Eaker says:

    I was just told about this by my older cousin. She said our great aunt used to do this. Our family originated from Germany and Switzerland, and lived in NC when coming to America.

  • Gloria Moore says:

    Any true believer in the supernatural power of God’s Word can use this verse with the same result you have seen. Believing you shall have what you say, as scripture says, is the key.

  • My Mom was not able to passthisto one of my brothers. I tried it just on myself. I am currently hemorrhaging from radiation proctitis. Can someone pray this verse for me. I have prayed it with what I thought was success but the bleeding returns.

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