Well known Southern potter passes away today

Posted by | April 13, 2011

Lin Craven, well known southern potter, passed away this morning at her home near Cleveland, Georgia.

Lin was well known the world over. Lin has been honored by the Library of Congress, was chosen to participate in the Bicentennial Local Legacies Project, and her works are displayed in several museums, including the Atlanta History Center and The Smithsonian.

Lin was a ninth generation descendant of mid 1700’s “Master Potter” Peter Craven, Patriarch of Colonial Orange County, Providence of North Carolina (present day Randolph County).

Visitation will be the evening of Thursday, April 14, 2011.
Services will be conducted by Barrett’s Funeral Home in Cleveland, GA., on Friday April 15, 2011 at 3:00 P.M. Burial will follow in the Craven Family cemetery, hwy 129 south of Cleveland.
Lin’s lineage:……

Peter Craven 1712-1792 Potter

Thomas Craven 1742-1817 Potter

Rev. John Craven 1770-1832 Potter

John V. Craven 1798-1877 Potter

Isaac Henry Craven 1839-1905 Potter

John Hicks Craven 1860-1950 Potter

Otis Austin Craven 1900-1927 Railroad

Walter Scott Craven 1924-1992 Inventor

Linda Craven (Tolbert) 1946-2011

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